Monday, July 14, 2008

15. Moody

Along the pathways through the maritime forest at Jekyll Island, the sun squeaks through the gnarled branches of the ancient live oaks and trickles through the Spanish moss. And the shadows shift and the forest drones with the sounds of nature, and the mood changes from one moment to the next.

Ding-Ding-Ding: Round 3

Rather than rest on our laurels, we're forging on with Round 3 of 26 things. New players have joined the game, so be sure to check out the additional photo blogs in the link list. Just a refresher on the rules:

* 26 things are listed in the sidebar and you take a photo to interpret each one however you wish.

* Editing a photo (reducing red eye, color adjustments, cropping) are allowed. Photo illustrations are not allowed.

* Once a photo is posted, mark it off your list. There are no substitutions.

* Photos taken July 1 through September 30 are eligible for this round. We're taking a little extra time on this round.

* Please feel free to leave comments! This invitation goes for those playing and those browsing. All suggestions are welcome!

* Get snapping!