Sunday, August 24, 2008

26. Yummy

My best friend Jenn was kind enough to treat me to Jilly's Cupcake Bar. (That was the day after we dined at The Chocolate Bar!) In the foreground is the Chocolate Thunder and in the background is the Carmalita. We ate both of them - every single divine chocolatey bite.

21. Spiral

Also found at the Missouri Botanical Gardens was this spiral wind sculpture that swiveled in the light breeze.

12. Historic

The tallest monument in the United States at 630 feet, the Arch is a spectacular site. And for those of you who may wonder, I did not go up in it. Sit in a tiny pod and be carried up in what amounts to a free-standing bridge? No, thank you.

5. Did You See That?

During my trip to St. Louis, Jenn took me to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, which is currently hosting an exhibition of Niki - a New Realist/Pop Art artist who fashioned these amazing sculptures out of concrete, glass, tile and mirrors. This skull was hollowed out - you could sit inside! Unfortunately, it rained the night we were supposed to go and see it lit and sparkling in the darkness. But that toothy grin is still enough to make you say, "Did you see that?"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

22. Splish Splash

Confession: Justin threw a lot of rocks to get me this picture. This one was taken at Mirror Lake at Berry. I planned to take a picture of the trickling falls, but it wasn't working out so well. Mom suggested that I let my brother toss some stones for me. I liked this splash the best because it looks like a little man in dancing happily in the splished splash!

19. Relief

My first thought of relief was a welcome pillow after a long hard day of work. Or sweat pants after pantyhose. But then I saw this figure carved in the stonework of a turret at Berry, and it made me think of relief in a whole new light.

3. Believe

Frost Chapel in one of my favorite places on the planet. Built in the 1920s, the oak and stone building sits atop a hill on Lavender Mountain, part of Berry College's campus. During my years at college, I spent a lot of time there - almost never in a formal service, but in the quiet hours of late night. Believe makes me think of my faith, and Frost Chapel is one of the places I feel that faith most profoundly.

24. Tiny

We decided that this little mushroom looked like it might be home to a fairy or a sprite - some mystical woodland spirit. And it was indeed tiny - barely above the blades of grass.