Tuesday, September 30, 2008

13. Juicy

Credit goes to Mom for this brilliant idea. I love it - it makes me laugh.

17. On the Road

I captured this retired firetruck parked in a field alongside Highway 15. It's familiar to me from my six years trekking up and down that highway "on the road" between W-ville and Wilmington. And nothing says roadside in the south like a non-working automobile, a pasture, cows and a power line.

18. Priorities

I kept hoping to snap a group family shot that would work for this category, but it never happened. And in a way, Dillon's a great representative of "priorities." Soon after I found out he was on his way, I made plans to move back home. Not just for him, but for the whole family. Besides, who wouldn't make this little guy a priority?

16. Movement

In the eleventh hour when I still couldn't think of a photo for movement, I knew it was time to get creative. I like to think of this as my MacGyver picture. I used a small screw driver to dismantle this watch and expose its "movement."

25. Way to Go

When I was little, I loved paths that led off into the woods or around a bend to where I couldn't see. I always imagined they were the "way" to magical places. To further my interpretation of this one, I took this photo on my "way to go" to work!

20. Sparkle

2. Accessory

I collect pottery, and it certainly accessorizes our house. When I travel, I often try to find a piece of pottery as a souvenir - like this little pot from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

6. Effort

23. This Magic Moment

Even though the composition on this one isn't perfect and you can see my shadow as I shot over Justin's shoulder, I thought that the sheer delight on Dillon's face made up for all my technical problems. He thought Auntie "Eena's" shower was quite magical indeed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

9. Fun in Sun

Dillon takes a turn on the "side" on a very hot, very sunny September afternoon.