Monday, May 26, 2008

26. Wooden

I spied this neatly stacked woodpile in one of our neighbors' yards while walking my sister's dogs. I went back first thing this morning to scavenge my photo.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

11. Little Things

These thimbles were collectibles produced by Avon in the early 80s. I can remember playing with them when I was little - I thought they were incredibly glamorous. They still sit on the organ in our living room.

24. Structure

I took this photo of an old train trestle at my favorite time of day - around 6ish. The intricate wooden beams first attracted me for "wooden", but the actual photo really said "structure" to me.

16. Out of Place

I spotted this leftover church steeple along Oconee Street on the way back from lunch at Mama's Boy. The picture doesn't quite do the locale justice, but it was difficult to capture - in an interesting way - the street 10 yards away, the building about 10 feet away, and the apartment complex parking lot in which it sat. Wonder what the rest of this building looked like?

23. Steep

Technically speaking, this photo is cheating. But just a tad...just 48-hour cheating. I took this photo of one of the inclines cutting down through San Francisco from across the bay at Alcatraz on April 29. It was just too perfect for steep to pass up.

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Back in the fall, I failed miserably at completing the 26 things game. I was in and out of town; my best friend got married. Not to mention that Sarah and me both blame daylight savings time for stealing our prime photog hours. Whatever the case, whether the weather or the willingness failed me, I left off with just eight things scavenged and posted.

Lucky for me, I'm getting a fresh start in round two. I'm leaving the semi-completed first round up for posterity. Just know that this time around, I shall persevere and deliver all 26 photos. This round started with May and will end July 1. The clock is ticking - let's get started!